All about me

Hello there! I’m Annie and I’m so looking forward to sharing my designs and thoughts with you on here. I’ll also be letting you know about my classes and meet-ups in North London too…

Annie at a white table crocheting

But first let me introduce myself. I live in North London with my photographer partner and our lovely dog Lily (who even has her own Instagram page: @lilyspottyears).  Here she is modelling one of my doggy designs (I’ll share the pattern with you soon)…

White spotty dog with knitted coat with skull on back

I’ve been a journalist for years, working on national women’s magazines, as well writing about music. Now, however, I’m lucky enough to have been able to leave my job and devote myself to my craft adventures, which I’m excited to be sharing with you…

Early crafting

I first picked up a crochet hook and knitting needles at the age of 6, when my grandmother Vera taught me to knit, crochet, and embroider. She was a fantastic needlewoman herself. From her I inherited lots of crochet hooks, knitting needles, a tatting shuttle and more. Here’s a mat I made for her dressing table many moons ago on one of the linen mats that she’d embroidered.

Pink crochet doiley on a linen cloth

During my teens, my sister and I devoured craft books from the library and taught ourselves macrame, beadwork, patchwork, origami – anything we could lay our hands on. I even took up bobbin lace making. I love the bobbins, which I weighted with beads myself!

Bobbins beaded at the end

Now I concentrate on designing projects in knitting, crochet and cross stitch. I hope you will enjoy reading about them here.