Hearts and flowers for Valentines

Hearts and flowers all the way

I can’t believe that it’s already Valentine’s Day – that time of hearts and flowers! The year is galloping along and I’ve just realised that I haven’t blogged since Christmas! I have a good excuse, though. I’ve been super-busy making things for my Etsy shop, which is very new, and needed lots of love and attention. It’s finally starting to pay off though, as I’ve just had a lovely review from a lady who received a pair of my Flora mittens, which have a little flower on the back, as her Valentine’s Day present.

Pink and purple Flora mittens

There’ll be more about my mittens very soon, as well as a digital pattern for the gloves!

Etsy inspiration

The Etsy shop has spurred me on to  design lots more things and, I must say, I’m loving coming up with the ideas.

Here’s my hearts choker

pink crochet choker with three hearts on pottery head

My Hearts Choker

I love working beads into my crochet, and this choker gave me the ideal opportunity. 

cloe up of three crochet hearts on a chokerI ended up making them in a variety of colours – they’re all over on the Etsy shop (but if anyone wants one in a different colour, just let me know!)Purple crochet choker with three hearts

They’re a little fiddly, and there are loads of ends to sew in once they’re finished, but I love the results. Hope you do too! This character definitely seems to think they’re the cat’s whiskers, it seems!

Purple crochet hearts choker on retro pottery cat

Even more hearts and flowers!

In fact, I’ve been crocheting up all sizes of hearts and flowers in the past months ready for teaching my Hearts and Flowers crochet classes. They looked so pretty together.

hearts and flowers in crochet

It got me thinking about how I could combine them into something cute to hang on the wall. So out came my Rico DK cotton in lovely vibrant pink and pale yellow shades, some blue glass beads, and with a 3mm crochet hook, I was away…

crochet hearts and flowers wall hanging in progress And here’s the finished result..

wall hanging made up of crochet hearts and flowers

Hearts and Flowers wall hanging

I love the multilayered flower. It was just going to be a few rounds of petals at first, but I just kept on going! What do you think?

close up of crochet flower and heartBecause I’d finished the flower with pink at the edge, I decided to add a yellow edging to the pink hearts. The pattern for the little heart is here. And if you’d like the flower pattern too, just let me know in a comment below…

Hearts and flowers crochet wall hanging in pink and yellow

Finally, while doing a bit of decorating at home, I came across this tapestry-style cushion that I designed and made years ago. It’s based on the classic Raphael picture of the cherub leaning on a cloud together with my garland of flowers around the edge. I finished the cushion cover in rich burgundy velvet and added chunky gold rope edging with gorgeous big tassels in the corner. Maybe some more tapestry in the pipeline? But who knows where I’ll get the time from!

Tapestry cushion cover featuring cherub and flowers

My tapestry cushion design

Here’s to even more hearts and flowers in the year ahead!