Carrot & pea bunting pattern

Carrot & Pea Bunting

Carrots & peas bunting finished

Here’s my Carrot and Pea Bunting pattern. If you want to read about the inspiration of this, I wrote about it here

You need

About 25g in orange and 25g in green in DK (I used Rico Design Essentials Merino)

3.5mm crochet hook and 3mm crochet hook

Small amount toy stuffing


The following are all in UK terminology

st(s) = stitch(es)

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

htr = half treble

tr = treble crochet

ss = slip stitch

How to make

Triangles (make 7)

Foundation row: Using 3.5mm hook, make a slip knot and chain 3, htr in 3rd chain from hook, turn.

Row 1: Chain 2 (counts as htr), htr in st at base of chain, htr in top of 2 ch from row below, turn.

Row 2: Chain 2, htr in st at base of chain, htr in each st, htr in top of 2 ch from row below, turn.

Work in this way with one more htr in each row until row 14 has been worked,  thus: Chain 2, htr in base of chain, (htr in next st) 13 times, htr in top of 2 ch from row below

Fasten off.

Peas (make 14)

Using 3mm hook make a slip knot and chain 2, 4dc in second chain from hook.

Now work in rounds.

First round: 2dc in each chain.

Second round: dc in each st.

Now stuff pea with tiny bit of stuffing.

Third round: dc in each st.

Final round: dc in every other st, fasten off.

Bunch of crocheted peas

Tape and edging

Make a slip knot and chain 256.

Put a marker in at 24th ch from hook, then at every 16th st till 24 ch from end.

Starting at 9th st from hook, ss in each st up to first marker.

Slip stitching to first marker

Place triangle behind tape and working through the tape and triangle matching stitch for stitch (ss in next st, chain 4, ss in next st) 8 times – you should have reached the next marker.

Joining the triangle to chain cord

Work ss in each st to next marker, work across the next triangle as for previous one.

Work in this way till last triangle attached.

Now ss across 15sts, and ss last ch to the 16th st to create loop at end of tape. Finish off.

To finish

Positioning the peas between the triangles

Position peas a couple of stitches from each side of each triangle and sew in place.

Please note: This pattern is © Annie Windley 2017 and is  for personal use only. The pattern may not be published elsewhere or offered for sale and the finished items may not be sold.