5 Cast off – a step-by-step guide

To cast off, you will usually be using the knit stitch as shown here.

Cast-off – step 1

cast off step 1

First knit two stitches

Cast-off  – step 2

Cast off step 2

Insert the left-hand needle through the first stitch you knitted on the right hand needle from left to right, keeping the left-hand needle at the front.

Cast-off – step 3

Cast off step 3

Take this stitch over the top of other stitch on the right-hand needle

Cast-off – step 4

Cast off step 4

Move the loop completely off the needle leaving one stitch on the right-hand needle.

Cast-off – step 5

Cast off step 5

You have now cast off one stitch. To cast off the next stitch you need to knit another stitch, then repeat step 2-4. Repeat until you have cast off the required number of stitches. You will still be left with one stitch on the right-hand needle. Simply cut the yarn and thread it through the middle of the last stitch before slipping that one off the needle and tightening up the yarn.