Waffle Blanket

This Waffle Blanket was designed by me in simple crochet stitches as a lap blanket for use on the sofa, but it seems to have been commandeered by our dog! The size can be varied (see note below), though obviously the amount of yarn will also need to be varied too. I used Stylecraft Studio DK which comes in 100g balls and there are 295m (323yds) to each ball. It is written in UK crochet terminology. Don’t forget, if you need help to crochet this blanket, I offer 1-2-1 Zoom lessons, wherever you are in the world (see here).

Waffle blanket

Waffle Blanket

Finished size of waffle blanket: approx 100cm x 154cm (To increase add multiples of three chain stitches at beginning, and work more stripes. To decrease, subtract multiples of three chain stitches at beginning, and work less stripes)


Tension: 5.5 waffle stitch blocks (ie 3tr) and 10 rows to 10cm

Stylecraft Studio DK in Khaki (K), Parchment (P), Grey (G) all 2 balls each, plus Lime (L), Tomato (T), Spice (S) all 1 ball each.

Size 4mm crochet hook [G6 in US sizes]


ch = chain
tr = treble [this is dc in US terms]
st(s) = stitch(es)
fptr = front post treble [ie work tr by inserting hook behind post of treble on row below instead of through top of stitch]
dc = double crochet [this is sc in US terms]
ss = slip stitch


In Khaki work 164ch.

Foundation Row:
Work tr in 4th chain from hook, and 1tr in each chain to end (161sts)
[NB the initial 3 ch count as a treble stitch]

Row 1:
3ch [counts as tr], tr in next st, (fptr, 2tr) rep to last 3sts, fptr, 2tr [last tr is in initial 3ch that counted as a tr]

Row 2:
3ch [counts as tr], fptr, (tr, 2fptr) to last 3sts, tr, fptr, tr [last tr in in top of 3ch at beginning of previous row]

Repeat last 2 rows once, break yarn, change colour to Grey.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 three times, change colour to next colour from colour order below:
K ( 1st stripe), G (second stripe, etc), L, P, K, T, G, P, S, K, G, P, L, P, G, K, S, P, G, T, K, P, L, G

The Lime stripe in the foreground is the mid-point of the blanket

Now finish with Khaki, and repeat Rows 1 and 2 twice, then 1 row of tr in each st. Fasten off.


First row:
With right side facing you, and starting from the top right corner, in S work dc in each st along top edge; at corner, work dc, 1ch, dc in same st; work 2dc in each row end down side (if work starts to flute, work 1dc in occasional row ends so that work lies flat); work corner as before; work 1dc in each st across bottom; work corner as before; work up side as previous side; work dc, 1ch in 1st st worked and ss to join.

Second row:
Join in L starting at top right corner, again with right side facing. Work across the top as foloows *(dc, 1ch, miss st) to corner; in corner ch sp work (dc, 1ch, dc); rep from * to end, ss to join.

Third row:
Starting at top right corner again with right side facing, join T into corner ch sp. Work dc, 1ch, dc in ch sp; *(1ch, dc in unused ch on Round 1) [ie st in L directly below]; rep to corner, **then work dc, 1ch, dc in corner ch sp; repeat from * twice, then from * to ** and join with ss. Fasten off.

Darn in all ends, and block out blanket.

Please note: The pattern is © Annie Windley and is free but may not be republished, or sold.


Work tr in 4th ch from hook, and 1tr in each ch to en