8 Making a treble crochet stitch

This stitch is usually abbreviated as tr in a pattern. So if you read ‘3 tr’ it means ‘work 3 treble stitches’. (In America, this is called a double crochet)

Trebles can be worked into stitches, or into rings, or chain spaces, but here I’ve illustrated the stitch being worked into a row of double crochet stitches.

First, wrap the yarn around the crochet hook.

Treble first step

Now insert the hook through the stitch you are working into. Wrap the yarn round the hook again.

Second stage of treble stitch

Draw the hook and yarn through the stitch. You should now have three loops on the crochet hook.

Wrap the yarn round the hook again.

Step 3 in treble crochet stitch

 Draw the yarn through the first two loops.

Step 4 in treble crochet

Wrap the yarn round the hook once more.

Penultimate treble crochet stitch step

Draw the yarn through the remaining two loops.

The finished treble crochet stitch

You have now completed the treble crochet stitch.