1 Making a slip knot

There are all sorts of ways to make a slip knot.

If you have a crochet hook, try this one: Wrap the yarn around two fingers, crossing it at the front and holding down with the thumb.

Slip knot step 1

Now insert the crochet hook under the right hand thread and over the left hand thread.slip knot step 2

Draw crochet hook through to the right. (You do not need  a crochet hook – you could just reach under with your finger and thumb to draw the thread through.)

step 3 of slip knot

Slip loop off your fingers holding both ends with your left hand.

step 4 of slip knot

Now simply tighten the knot and there you have it.

Step 5 of slip knot

Or watch this video to find out a few more methods of making a slip knot