Crocheted daffodils for Easter

Crocheted daffodils

Crocheted daffodils are just what you need to adorn an Easter bonnet! I realised that despite having lots of daffs in the garden every spring, I’d never designed any crocheted daffodils. So a few weeks ago, I put that right!

But first, here’s the inspiration for these crocheted daffs.

Autumn planting, spring colour

Every autumn I plant lots of bulbs in planters. I’m lucky to have so much choice at Youngs Nurseries, which is just a short walk away from my home along a footpath through the fields. The walk is a joy in itself.

To be honest, I’m never sure which variety is planted in which container, so it’s a lovely surprise when they eventually pop up in all their glory. They provide such a cheerful sight once February and March come around. It makes all the waiting worthwhile.

Here are just a few of the lovely blooms in my garden.

There are so many colours to choose from!

Daffodils in planters in the garden

From classic long-trumpeted daffs…

Long-trumpeted yellow daffs

to tiny, delicate blooms…

Tiny daffodils

From yellows and oranges…

Daffs with orange trumpets

to whites and lemons…

white and lemon daffodils

Of course, daffodils (or narcissi to give them their proper name) come in all shades of yellow, white and orange. So the crocheted daffodils I designed can be made in any shade you wish too! The trumpet can be short or long. Why not create a variety, for a lovely multi-shade bunch. You can add pipe-cleaner stems too… A bunch of those in a little vase will definitely brighten up an Easter table.

Crocheted daffodils and Easter bunnies

Crocheted daffodils and easter bunny garland

I’ve even combined a few of these crocheted daffodils with the pretty little Easter bunny garland I designed last Easter. In fact I taught students how to crochet both at a day course for Kent Adult Education just last weekend. If you’d like to learn, too, don’t forget I teach 1-2-1 sessions or small group sessions in Thanet privately – just get in touch with me or see the Lessons in Thanet or North London page for more details.

I’ll be sharing the pattern on here very soon, so keep an eye out. Happy Easter!