Crocheted plantpots

Crocheted plantpots at the ready!

Crocheted plantpots

‘Crocheted plantpots?’ I hear you asking. ‘Is that what you’ve been busy with recently? I realise that I’ve not posted here for some time now, but I have indeed been VERY busy. When not teaching in person and on Zoom I’ve been working on my new allotment… (Don’t forget, if you’d like a crochet or knitting lesson, see here, face-to-face in Thanet, and on Zoom anywhere).

The tiny, overgrown, weed-infested plot became mine a few months ago. I’d waited a year for one to become free. Here’s how the plot looked when I took it over. Quite a daunting prospect!

So to work!

Every spare moment recently I’ve been digging, weeding, raking, more weeding! I needed lots of advice from allotment neighbours and websites, like this one – the National Allotment Society.

It’s been backbreaking work, but at least on rainy days, I found time to pick up my crochet hook. The allotment was still on my mind, so I came up with these sweet, crocheted plantpots to sit on top of my bamboo canes. Here’s one with a (real) little marigold plant I grew at home.

one of the crocheted plantpots

They were used to mark my rows of potatoes, and brightened up the allotment before the veg started growing.

A row of crocheted plantpots

Sunflowers and beetroot join the crocheted plantpots

The plantpots looked so cheerful that I decided to design some other toppers! And here are the next couple – sunflowers and beetroot.

(And now I really do have sunflowers and beetroot planted on the plot too.) I crocheted the toppers in acrylic yarn to make them stand up to the weather and lightly stuffed them with polyester filling. Each has a hole in the bottom, so it fits over the top of the cane. I then simply tied the topper place with garden twine.

My toppers have so far been drawing admiring glances from my fellow allotmenteers.

The allotment takes shape

I’ve now cleared half of my allotment.

I’ve actually planted potatoes, broad and French beans, beetroot, sunflowers, Swiss chard and runner beans. (Can you spot the cane toppers in the background?). I have tomatoes, kale and broccoli waiting at home in the cold frame. So hopefully soon, it’ll be my veg attracting compliments too!

Christmas is coming (and it’s only November!)

Christmas preparations always come early when you’re designing and making cards and decorations for the festive season. Sure as sure can be, Christmas creeps up and is here before you know it! And those cards and decorations need to be ready for eager customers in plenty of time.

FInished Christmas Advent Calendar

(If you’d like to count down to Christmas yourself – why not make my Advent Calendar – instructions are here)

As a result, I’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks, crochet hook in hand and Rico Ricorumi DK (which is available online from sites like Wool Warehouse) in all sorts shades in front of me, to rustle up more Christmas-tastic delights.

This year, I’ve come up with a couple of extra designs to add to the existing crocheted Christmas range, as I’ve been asked to sell my crocheted goodies at a lovely shop in my hometown of Broadstairs, on the Thanet coast.

The shop is called The Store, and is a cafe/deli/craft shop all in one, on the town’s main high street, just a few steps from Viking Bay beach! You sit and have a coffee and cake, then browse the local handmade craft on offer, or pick up a speciality cheese, or some jam to take home.

Christmas Workshops ahead!

I’m also going to be running some crocheted snowflake and stars workshops in The Store’s back room next month – here’s a taste of the sort of motif you’ll be able to learn to make. The workshops will be suitable for beginners and more experienced crocheters alike, so if you’re interested and live nearby, just drop me a line and I’ll send you details once the workshop booking is open ( And if you’re interested in learning on Zoom, just head here for details

Christmas crochet stars and snowflakes
Snowflakes and stars

This year’s range

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see some of the little Christmas items of mine you’ll be able to buy in The Store

First I’ve rustled up some more of last years most popular items:

Christmas crocheted Santa decoration

Santa’s made a reappearance, and, of course, there are baubles, Christmas trees and reindeer too.

Reindeer crocheted Xmas decorations
Crocheted Christmas tree bauble

So many people asked for more dogs, that I had to come up with a new pack – this time with smart bows on their collars.

Crocheted dog Xmas decorations

And for all those feline fans, I’ve added a selection of kitties too!

Crocheted cat Xmas decorations

They come in all sorts of colour. To keep them company, I’ve added a new mouse – this time he’s wearing red antlers!

Crocheted mouse Christmas decoration

All the cards say “Season’s Greetings” and have a detachable Xmas bauble – the new ones this year are holly and ivy – and here they are in The Store’s window!

Crocheted cards in The Store's window display

Hopefully see you in The Store when you visit our lovely seaside town…